Why get involved with Cove Cliff PAC?

We care for our kids. But, parents are busy.

We work and we volunteer in our communities and along the way we try and have a little fun and celebrate, too.

Despite the challenge of trying to balance all the important tasks in our lives, we make time for our children and for the things in life that matter. This is important.

Studies show that one of the most effective ways to teach children positive behaviour is to model that behaviour. Children learn and imitate behaviours by watching and listening to others — and when that “other” is their parent, the lessons can be deep and significant.

It’s one of the many reasons the Cove Cliff Parental Advisory Council (PAC) encourages parent involvement.

School is a large part of our children’s lives. By getting involved in your school’s PAC or in school activities in general, you show your kids that school is important — and that their experience at school is important.

Better still, you show your children that volunteering for what you care about is not only worthwhile but a great chance to learn and grow at any age while discovering new friends and new ways to work with others.

Of course, the big question is:
How can I get involved?

Glad you asked.
Here’s a sample list of what you can do to participate at Cove Cliff Elementary School:

  • Attend an evening PAC meeting and learn what’s going on. (Find out more about the PAC here.)
  • Help out on a field trip – drive or be a chaperone.
  • Come to a class for an hour and help the children practice their reading.
  • Participate in a grounds clean-up day on a sunny, crisp weekend morning.
  • Have an interest, a skill, or a mission in life? Bring it to Cove Cliff for a day, or a year, or long-term.
  • Help out with hot lunch distribution. Or just order hot lunches for your kids (see below).
  • Help out as a fundraiser coordinator or help a coordinator to accomplish their fundraising goal.
  • Be a class rep, and get to know your child’s teacher and the other parents from the class.
  • Plan the school’s long-term priorities on the school planning council.
  • Dress up in a crazy costume when attending the Seycove Auction. Bid on something and take it home!
  • Bring your kids to a fun-fundraising spirit event, like our wildly successful Spring Fair.
  • Add your children’s contact info to the Cove Cliff Directory – make playdate, carpool, and birthday party planning easy for yourself and other parents, by making sure your kids are easy to invite.
  • Volunteer for a PAC-sponsored program, such as Hot Lunch Volunteer (sign-up online here).
  • ….and more!
CCPAC Hot Lunch Calendar – January to June 2020

To help you decide how best to get involved, take a peek through the PAC site. You will find lots of information as well as answers to many questions you may have about the school and the role of PAC. The best part is that you are already a member of PAC — just by being a parent of a Cove Cliff student.

Reach Out To Your Child’s Class Rep

  • Class Rep Div 1: Mr. Williams
  • Class Rep Div 2: Ms. Claybo & Ms. Horel
  • Class Rep Div 3: Mr. Emanoulidis
  • Class Rep Div 4: Mr. Ehling & Ms. Taylor
  • Class Rep Div 5: Ms. Mitchell
  • Class Rep Div 6: Ms. Harris
  • Class Rep Div 7: Miss Finlay
  • Class Rep Div 8: Ms. Korlak
  • Class Rep Div 9: Ms. McAllen & Ms. Taylor
  • Class Rep Div 10: Ms. Jacenko
  • Class Rep Div 11: Ms. Green
  • Class Rep Div 12: Ms. McTavish
  • Class Rep Div 13: Ms. Rossi
  • Class Rep Div 14: Ms. Dudley