Fellow Cove Cliff Parents,

Welcome to another school year.  We hope you are settling into your new routines.

You may not know but every parent of a Cove Cliff student is a member of the CCPAC.  PACs are forums within each school community to discuss matters affecting your school and the education of your children. Parents’ voices are a tremendous value to their school. They offer a wealth of ideas and support in the challenges that face all public schools, especially in these years of lack of funding.

Attending PAC meetings gives you an opportunity to share your concerns, a direct line to the principal or vice principal and a voice in how the funds raised by our PAC should be spent.  You also get firsthand knowledge of all goings-on at the school

It’s very important that every parent's voice is heard but sharing your ideas at a PAC meeting can be intimidating.  Every idea presented to a PAC executive or at a PAC meeting will be considered, and then put out to the parent population if more input is necessary.  We would like to hear from more parents on the ideas they have for our PAC going forward.  Any ideas on fundraising or on how to spend PAC funds will be gratefully accepted, they are all very important.

We also have many interesting opportunities for anyone who has a little time to help out the CCPAC.  Some of these include fundraising coordinator, District PAC rep, and parent education coordinator.  We also have several fundraising initiatives that need volunteers.

Our next meeting is Wednesday, October 4th.

Two weeks later, October 18th, we have our budget meeting.  At this meeting we have the teachers wish list to vote on, totaling approximately $50 000.00.  Please attend if you would like a say in how PAC funds are spent.  If you are unable to attend please drop us an email regarding any line item in the budget and we can take that into consideration during the vote.  The budget will be sent out prior to the budget meeting for review.

We would love to have you come to a meeting and present your ideas on how best to serve our children.  If you are unable to make it please feel free to contact us at info@covecliff.com with your ideas, thoughts or questions.

In the meantime, please visit our website and join our Facebook group; Cove Cliff Parents.

PAC Executive