PAC Executive

For a full copy of the Bylaws, including an outline of Cove Cliff PAC roles, please click here.
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Current School Year PAC Executive

  • President: Kim Tattrie
  • Vice-President: Liz Darling
  • Secretary: Jody Timmis
  • Treasurer: Romana King
  • District PAC (DPAC) Rep: Amberlea Schaab
  • PAC Committees:
    • Technology Committee –
    • Fundraising Committee – Lisa Whitney, Jen Perkins
    • Hot Lunch Committee – Karen McGee
    • Website Committee – Dan Schwartz, Romana King, Rachel Zant, Jody Timmis

PAC Programs & Events

Some of the programs, fundraising and committees of the PAC include:

  • Munch-a-lunch Hot Lunch (all school year)
  • Spring Fair (May or June)
  • Winter Dance (January)
  • Seycove Auction (March)
  • Poinsettia & Purdy’s Chocolate Fundraiser (November & December)
  • Spirit Wear (all school year)

For tips on how you can help the PAC and your child’s school every day, check out support and promote page, here.