PAC Executive

Roles and responsibilities of the PAC Executive

Every year, at the October PAC meeting, parents are asked to vote in parent-volunteers to perform duties associated with executive PAC positions.

These executive positions are tasked with specific responsibilities, as follows:

The Chairperson

The chairperson coordinates Parent Advisory Council affairs in cooperation with other executive members. The chairperson makes a sincere effort to understand local conditions in the school and community and maintains a spirit of loyalty, cooperation and friendliness among the executive and general membership. The chairperson is also responsible for the following:

  • Presides at all meetings. If he or she is unable to attend, the vice-chairperson fills in. If they are both absent, the secretary calls the meetings and an alternative chairperson is appointed.
  • Conducts business meetings.
  • Establishes meeting rules with the executive members.
  • Helps the vice-chairperson and secretary prepare the agenda for all meetings and consults with the principal.
  • Is responsible for preparing the information and facts needed for a good discussion on agenda topics.
  • Keeps meetings orderly, which includes (but is not limited to): Keeping spur-of-the-moment decision-making to a minimum, providing opportunities for additions to the agenda.
  • Sets a timetable and sticks to it after the members decide the best time for beginning and ending meetings.

The Vice-Chairperson

The vice-chairperson fulfills an important role as an aide to the chairperson and:

  • Reads and distributes all material received and discusses the information with volunteer committee leaders and PAC members.
  • Learns duties and responsibilities of the chairperson in order to preside at meetings in her or his absence.
  • Takes over if the chairperson resigns.
  • Chair special committees or projects, where and when needed.
  • May step into the role of chairperson in subsequent years, if there is support from the general membership.

The Treasurer

The treasurer is the custodian of funds and:

  • Disburses money according to the rules of the group.
  • Notes transactions in the treasurer’s book.
  • Presents a report of finances at each meeting for information.
  • Responsible for compiling and submitting an annual report and budget at the start of the school year, which is usually adopted prior to the election of new executive officers.

The Secretary

Is responsible for keeping track of all decisions and discussions at PAC meetings and:

  • Writes all letters.
  • Keeps a file of incoming correspondence and copies of outgoing correspondence.
  • Circulates attendance sheets during meetings and forwards to vice-chairperson.
  • Forwards list of executive names and positions to the board office (the North Vancouver School Board maintains a master list of all committee chairpersons).
  • Records minutes of regular and executive meetings.
  • Presents and reads minutes for adoption at meetings.
  • Maintains a minutes book that may include:
    • rules of order
    • notebooks from past executives and committee chairpersons school handbook

DPAC (District Parent Advisory Council) Representative

The role of a DPAC Representative includes:

  • Act as a liaison between the PAC and the DPAC.
  • Communicate and obtain information from their respective PAC.
  • Vote on behalf of their respective PAC at monthly DPAC meetings.
  • Forward school-based issues to DPAC.
  • Represent their respective PAC at all DPAC meetings and events.

For a full copy of the Bylaws, including an outline of Cove Cliff PAC roles, please click here.

Current School Year PAC Executive

  • Co-Chair: Caelem Surgenor
  • Secretary: Karen McGee
  • Treasurer: Kim Tattrie
  • District PAC rep: Patricia Houlihan
  • PAC Committees Newsletter; Rachel Zant
  • Parent Education: Lissa Calderwood
  • Donation Campaign: Andi Simpson & Kerry Strongman
  • Volunteer Coordinator: Jessica Rosenfeld
  • Website: Dan Schwartz & Romana King
  • Library Assistant: vacant
  • Spring Fair Coordinator: Lisa Stewart
  • Food Service Coordinator: Janice Agar
  • Directory Coordinator: Mike McGee

PAC Committees

Some of the programs, fundraising and committees of the PAC include:

  • Munch-a-lunch Hot Lunch (all school year)
  • Spring Fair (May or June)
  • Winter Dance (January)
  • Seycove Auction (March)
  • Poinsettia & Purdy’s Chocolate Fundraiser (November & December)
  • Spirit Wear (all school year)

For tips on how you can help the PAC and your child’s school every day, check out support and promote page, here.