To: Cove Cliff Parents

From: Cove Cliff PAC

Subject: Laptop Purchase for the LAC

Date: November 27, 2020

Dear Cove Cliff Families:

We have been asked by the intermediate team to provide funds for the purchase of 10 – 15 laptops for the Learning Assistance Centre (LAC).  This request will cost approximately $4,000 for the PAC.  We are planning to vote on this at the next PAC meeting.  Please read the information from the intermediate teaching team below and contribute your vote for or against this budget change on December 16, 2020

Dear Cove Cliff PAC:

This year has been an extraordinary year.  When we started up we did not know what teaching would look like, what our school would look like nor what we were allowed to do. Now we are much more clear on our roles and challenges and the PAC budget has already past.  We are asking that we revisit it for the following reasons.

Over the last few years we have finally managed to get two full working sets of laptops for our classes.  This has benefitted us tremendously as we have been able to deliver a curriculum that is very technology oriented.  It has also allowed us to use far less paper being financially more responsible and environmentally more responsible.

Some of the roadblocks have been trying to figure out our laptop carts for charging.  Fortunately after contacting the company, we are going to be at three working carts.  We have also been working on getting the students to be confident following the correct procedures for signing on and off.  This has helped tremendously with internet issues.  We all of the laptops regularly and you will notice they are almost always signed out by the different classes.

During Covid which will probably go on for the rest of this year or more, we have noticed a need to try and connect with our students with IEP’s.  Most of these kids have the right to technology in them but we have limited resources.  Normally we would be able to make up for this with human resources and deliver it in groups.  That is not allowed this year.  Instead the kids are lacking the support that would benefit them for success.  To make up for this we would like to have a set of laptops for the LAC.  This would allow the students to use speech to text abilities that help with written output.

At the PAC meeting it was mentioned that it was me asking for this.  I want to correct this….It is the LAC and the intermediate team.  I am their spokesperson.

Here is what we would like:

  • A minimum of 10 laptops; (we have more IEPs than this so 15 would be ideal);
  • Lenovo’s would allow for continuity and familiarity for running the programs from the staff and students.  If Administration and IT would like another computer that is fine but it also means we will need the support of those people to help provide understanding and fluency;
  • We would like these as soon as possible to help deliver the programs to the kids.

Here is what we know might be hurdles:

  • PAC budget is lower this year;
  • We have fewer fundraising opportunities this year;
  • Technology was going to take a backset in spending from PAC this year.

We understand there is money available and we would like to provide this service to children now, not in the far future.  We have a laptop cart already due to special circumstances that will help in the delivery of the computers.  We also believe that technology is more important than ever right now.  Even PAC meetings are by Zoom.  

As a team we are extremely grateful for all the work and spending you have done for us so far and we hope to keep this positive momentum and communication going over the upcoming year to continue to benefit our children.

Thank you for your time,

The Intermediate Team

Peter Williams


Cove Cliff Elementary School

“Pura Vida”

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